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Please Give Me An Honest Opinion, Check Out My Site Free, No Purchase Required

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Just started my very own website, it's really exciting. I am hopping for some good people out there to be able to visit my site and tell me what you think in all honesty. You don't have to make any purchase. I just want an honest opinion on what you think of my site please. I would be so happy just to get some visitors. I'm not concerned with trying to make a sale, I just want to share my site to the world. So don't worry it will cost nothing just to check it out. Be sure to check out my about me page in the top menu, it talks a little about me as a person. My website is All Things Coffee. As you can guess it's about coffee. Please contact me with your honest opinion after checking out my site. My contact info is on my about me page. Let me know your honest opinion, that's all I'm asking. Like I said I am extremely new to this. Thank you so much for your time and your future insight. Hope to hear from you soon.

       All The Best, Dean