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Hey Everyone
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My Bitcoin Daily is an explosive daily subscription program that runs ALL YEAR. Yes, a 365-day subscription which costs only $6!.

Along with getting a new position daily which can help you generate income, you also get the following daily with a 365-day subscription:

-50 text ads 

-50 of 468x60 banner ads 

-50 of 125 x125 banner ads

Multiple subscriptions in your My Bitcoin Daily account are allowed.  

Example:  You buy 2 subscriptions for $12, you would get all of the following for 365 days.

-2 new positions daily

-100 text ads daily

-100 of 468x60 banner ads daily

-100 of 125 x 125 banner ads daily

So the more 365-day subscriptions you buy, the more ad credits you get daily. You also get NEW position(s) added to your account daily!

More positions in your account increases your earning potential!  Combined with having a deep downline!


If you signup now, you will get a FREE POSITION instantly to help you get started!  You got nothing to lose by signing up and getting a free position!

The subscription fee is 0.0009344 BTC/subscription, which is approximately $6 as mentioned above. 

You can buy more than one subscription if you wish.  But having one subscription for 365 days is good enough.

When you get your free position and then buy your subscription(s), you are put into a 2x20 matrix under your sponsor. Each day when your subscription renews, it follows your top position that will help you build your downline as well as your sponsors and your referrals.
The daily renewals will create massive spillover initially and over time.

You will also earn 100% matching bonus on all of your referrals matrix commissions along with a direct referral bonus every day when your referrals renew.

Join RIGHT now as for the first 6000 members will receive a FREE position at signup INSTANTLY!  There are 800 free positions left!