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Before I tell you how this is Absolutely FREE, I had a hard time time trying to figure out what category to put this ad in. Freebie, Free Products, Free Services, etc. But I eventually decided to run it under Free Stuff because that's what this really is, Free Stuff.

So, how can this Crypto-Currency be completely FREE?

To put it plainly, there are NO Products or Services to buy or sell.

The Pi Crypto-Currency is currently in the Mining stage, where it has no current value until it has enough Miners to become a Fully Decentralized Blockchain, just like Bitcoin and any other crypto-currency got it's start.

And that's where we come in. I am merely a Pi Crypto-Currency Miner who is recruiting other Miners to my team. As part of my team, you too will mine/earn Pi by logging into the Pi Network daily to activate your mining and continue to accumulate Pi for "FREE". You mine/earn more Pi by having other Miners on your team.
Here's the catch though: 

You have to download the "The Pi Network" app to your smartphone or computer or tablet.

And to complete the app download you must use my invitation code "RastaGeorge" after installing the app.

The app allows us to mine/earn 50+ Pi weekly, depending on how many you have on your team. Then as we accumulate Pi daily, we wait patiently for full blockchain status, hoping that sooner or later Pi is worth as much or more than Bitcoin, trading at $9175 (07/20/20).

Of course, there is no guarantee that The Pi Network" will be a successful project, but what you tend to lose, is only one second every day clicking the "Activate" mining button on your mobile.

Adding your friends and family on an app at no financial cost? Who knows this could turn out to be a very valuable digital currency in the future if the project is successful?